Barts and The London RFC 

   The Rugby Club of St. Bartholomew's and The Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry


This is a list of BLRFC Captains. We are in the process of trying to extend this archive of previous captains. If you think you will be able to help us please contact the committee chairman. For information on the current, and recent, committee members click here.

2016 - 17

1st XV Co-Captains: Nick Harrison & Jordan Burgess

2nd XV Captain: Nema Hafezi

2015 - 16

1st XV Captain: Will Owen

2nd XV Captain: James Moran

2014 - 2015

1st XV Captain: Conor Turner

2nd XV Captain: Josh Wortelhock 

2013 - 2014

1st XV Captain: Tim Lloyd

2nd XV Captain: Ben Giles 

2012 - 2013

1st XV Captain: Jeff Hopkinson

2nd XV Captain: Haakon Brumfit Kuroishi 


1st XV Captain: James Beynon

2nd XV Captain: James Miller 

2010 - 2011

1st XV Captain: Alex Pickard

2nd XV Captain: Mike Shaw

2009 - 2010

1st XV Captain: Charlie Warburton

2nd XV Captain: Chris Hay


1st XV Captain: Frank Sim

2nd XV Captain : Andy Smith

1st VII Captain; Charlie Warburton 


1st XV Captain: Will Dooley

2nd XV Captain: Matt Pywell


1st XV Captain: Mally Scott

2nd XV Captain: James Berwin


1st XV Captain: Scott Bradburn

2nd XV Capatin: Tim Stride


1st XV Captain: Jonathan Morris

2nd XV Capatin: Jacob Wright


1st XV Captain: Matt Fincher

2nd XV Captain: Matt Ricks


1st XV Captain: Rory Macnair

2nd XV Capatin: Simon Bax


1st XV Captain: Alex Leigh

2nd XV Captain: Tom Ko


1st XV Captain: Richard Bond

2nd XV Captain: Richard Warburton


1st XV Captain: Ryan Livingstone

Meet the 1st XV Captains

Captain(s) 2016-17

Name: Jordan Burgess

Position: Second Row, Back Row, Centre

Facts: Unbreakable Fresher 

Most Likely to Say: 

Barts or London?: LONDON

Name: Nick Harrison

Position: Scrum Half, Fly Half


Most Likely to Say:

Barts or London?: LONDON

Captain 2006-07

Name: Mally Scott

Position: Prop, Second Row

Facts: Scottish/Welsh/English!, UH

Most Likely to Say: Alright, Fucking Dyno C*nt

Barts or London?: BARTS

Captain 2005-06

Name: Scott Bradburn

Position: Hooker

Facts: UH, Worst Captain Ever, Scotty No

Most Likely to Say: Fuck off Jon

Barts or London?: BARTS

Captain 2004-05

Name: Jon Morris

Position: Back Row, Scrum Half, Centre, Fly Half

Facts: Royal College of Surgeons, UH, Welsh

Most Likely to Say: Scott you are the worst captain ever

Barts or London?: BARTS

Captain 2003-04

Name: Matt 'Bulldog' Fincher

Position: Front Row, Back Row

Facts: Royal College of Surgeons, UH, Gang Bangs

Most Likely to Say: Never too late to cancel! Fuck Off Morris

Barts or London?: BARTS

Captain 2002-03

Name: Rory Macnair

Position: Fly Half

Facts: UH, Posh, Alcoholic?

Most Likely to Say: Anything very posh, Gin

Barts or London?: LONDON